You will find Cedar Bay salmon products in the frozen seafood section of many major grocery retailers throughout North America. If you don’t see it, let the seafood section manager know you’re looking for it!

  • Please resist the temptation to cook from frozen! Best results come from fully thawing the salmon first.
  • Once Salmon has defrosted, do not re-freeze!
  • Defrosted salmon is good for up to 24hrs, provided it has been kept in the refrigerator from the time it defrosted.
  • We recommend cooking Cedar Planked salmon directly on the middle rack; therefore, we also recommend placing a foil-lined or disposable baking sheet on the rack below, to help catch any drips!
  • Salmon is cooked when the flesh becomes flakey. It is perfectly cooked when it is still slightly pink in the center of the fillet.
  • Consuming raw or under-cooked seafood may increase your chance of food-borne illness.
  • When cooking on the BBQ, it is wise to have a spray bottle of water on-hand, in case of any flare-ups.
  • As with any cooking surface, after use, planks are susceptible to bacterial growth; because they can’t be washed or disinfected, please discard the plank after 1 use.
  • Got left-overs? Here are some delicious ways to use them up!

    —    Mix with mayonnaise and have cold in a sandwich or on toast.

    —    Break apart and serve in your favorite salad.

    —    Mix in a creamy pasta sauce and serve on pasta, or mix in a curry sauce and serve on rice.

    —    Use as a substitute for making meatloaf or meatballs.

    —    Mix with potatoes and spices to make delicious fish cakes