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Cedar Bay Grilling Company

Seafood to get you all fired-up!

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Why customers love our Salmon


Holy SMACK that Salmon is good!! Wife and I just finished an Applewood with Orange and Ginger plank (AMAZING), and the Cedar wrapped salmon with sugar and spice (extra AMAZING). So here I am looking for somewhere to brag this product up. I have tried a lot of Salmon, and can only echo the comments of others. Just delicious…Thumbs way up!!!

Tyrrell & Carolyn

My family LOVES your cedar planked salmon. It is so easy…thank you for making such an awesome, easy to prepare meal!

G. Jackson

OMG…I JUST Discovered Ur Salmon…and I’m In L V!!! Best Thing Since Sliced Bread! Where Have U Been ALL My Life!? Applewood With Orange Ginger Is EVERYTHING!!! #YumYum #FoodCrush #Seafood #Salmon #Delish #Salute

K. Jones

This product [Cedar Planked Salmon] is the best we have ever eaten!  Thanks for making such a high-quality product

J. Matulsky

My sister in law has prepared your cedar plank salmon for us several times and we have never been disappointed it is absolutely a quality product that is YUMMY!! Every time!

A. Wolfson

 I just don’t know how you guys are able to keep the Salmon so fresh and perfect… The only explanation there can be is you guys are the Gods of Salmon.