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Easy to Prepare


De-frost frozen salmon and remove from packaging – leaving salmon on the plank.


Place in oven or grill preheated to 425°F/220°C.


Cook for 12-15 minutes, or until core temperature reaches 158°F.

4. EAT UP!

Serve on the plank with your favourite side-dish…Enjoy!

Some Words From Our Customers

I love your salmon on a plank, delicious easy to prepare and quick! Just the right portion size too.
Bonnie Yachimec
I cannot say enough about this wonderful product and company. The quality is amazing, preparation easy and so delicious! I wish more stores carried it as I’m finding it difficult to locate!
Holy SMACK that Salmon is good!! Wife and I just finished an Applewood with Orange and Ginger plank (AMAZING), and the Cedar wrapped salmon with sugar and spice (extra AMAZING). So here I am looking for somewhere to brag this product up. I have tried a lot of Salmon, and can only echo the comments of others. Just delicious…Thumps way up!!!
I don’t usually care for salmon but my girlfriend just made this for dinner and it really is fantastic!! I’m so excited b/c I have always wished I liked it since it’s at the top of every nutrition and weight loss food list as a main go to food… I finally found a product I can eat and enjoy!!! By the way, they sell it at Publix grocery:)
Cassandra MonaVie